Our Multicopter (Drone) Club is off to a great start!  The cadet leader of this program is Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Dockins; under the supervision and coaching of our new Aerospace Science Instructor, Air Force Master Sergeant Stan Parker.  One image captures our Multicopter Cadets as they stand on the EPHS football field (Raider logo).  Other engaging photos are made by one multicopter actually taking a picture of another multicopter  while it is being flown (awesome and aeronautical brilliance in action)!  Also, you can see additional school images from a "bird's view."  Our cadets begin learning with smaller copters in the classroom (as shown) and progress to flying the larger copters, equipped with cameras & video, outside.  The milticopter program is only one of many extra-curricular activities here at East Paulding High School's Air Force JROTC program!

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​​​Practices are held on Tuesday-Thursday after school from 3:30-5pm 

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