Leadership Education (LE)

This course of study helps the student develop leadership skills and acquaints each with the practical application of skills.  The leadership education curriculum emphasizes discipline, responsibility, leadership, fellowship, citizenship, customs and courtesies, cadet corps activities, study habits, time management, communication skills, career opportunities, life skills, financial literacy, management skills, and drill and ceremonies.

Aerospace Science (AS)

This course of study acquaints the student with the elements of aerospace and the aerospace environment.  Course where introduces the student to the principles of flight and navigation, the history of aviation, development of air power, contemporary aviation, human requirements of flight, cultural and global awareness, geography, the space environment, space programs, space technology, rocketry, propulsion, the aerospace industry, and survival.

Wellness Program

Wellness is an official and integral part of the AFJROTC program. The objective of the Wellness Program is to motivate cadets to lead healthy, active lifestyles beyond program requirements and into their adult lives.