About the Air Force Junior ROTC program at East Paulding High School:

Do you want to make your high school years more exciting and fun? Well, there is a chance to do just that by joining Air Force JROTC where you can explore the intriguing world of civilian, industrial and military aerospace science, while having an opportunity to develop your leadership skills. Discover the historic and scientific aspects of tomorrow’s aerospace technology and achieve self-reliance, self-discipline and other characteristics found in good leaders. Students can participate in many outside activities such as field trips to aerospace facilities and industries and other areas related to aerospace education.

High school students who enroll in the AFJROTC program are offered a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities. Which includes JROTC color guard and drill and ceremonies, summer leadership schools, honorary academic groups, military balls, and many more. Community service projects are also a major part of the AFJROTC experience because they help instill a sense of civic pride and citizenship. Students learn to become independent, to take the initiative and to stand out through their own personal experiences. Students learn important life skills (how to communicate, impromptu/extemporaneous speeches, decision making, how to deal with stress, etc). 

Joining AFJROTC comes with many benefits: every Wednesday each flight (who are in uniform) drill or explore the many different paths they can take in the military. Two days of each week is dedicated to academics which is a class taught by our Aerospace Science Instructors, and our Fridays are spent in physical training. In PT, all cadets suit up and go to the field where they stretch, run, perform relays and play sports.

The program is not a recruiting tool for the military services and those students who participate in AFJROTC do not incur any obligation to join the Air Force. 

Saber Team 

This team is trained to use ceremonial sabers for specific events. Homecoming events, recognition ceremonies, military ball, etc.